Is your child
to read?

Frustrated Girl

Are reading challenges holding your child back?

Do you suspect a language learning difference, such as dyslexia?

Is your child behind due to school closures or online learning failures?

Is writing a struggle for your child?

Has your school recommended an intensive reading program such as Orton-Gillingham instruction?

Or is your child a beginning reader?

It's time for parents to take control of
their child's learning.

You don't need a special degree

You Don't Need a
Special Education Degree

You don't need expensive tutors

Qualified Tutors Can Be
Difficult to Find

Learn at your own pace

You Can Learn
at Your Own Pace

Teacher or parent with young boy looking at a book in a library

Start Your Journey Today

Learn how to teach your child how to read. It’s not as difficult as you might think. Millions of parents across the world have taken up the challenge.

It is often a difficult decision, but I promise you, it will one hundred percent be the best decision your family makes if you are willing to be persistent, dedicated and patient. TBL was created to empower you to teach and provide your child with the tools they need to succeed in the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule! 

All of our courses and curriculums are based on Orton-Gillingham methods that have been used with tremendous success in general education classes, special education classes, ESL classes and even adult literacy

At TBL, we would be honored to join you by providing practical tips, resources, and insights that will help you create a customized learning plan and environment for your child.  We believe that each child is unique and has individual learning needs, and as a parent, you are in the best position to tailor your teaching approach to their needs.

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